Why Travelling with your Dog is Beneficial

Why Travelling with your Dog is Beneficial

Are the kids begging to take the dog on vacation and you're unsure what’s best? Or you want to take the dog on vacation but unsure how it will impact your leisure time? Whilst taking your dog on vacation brings extra responsibilities, we believe that the benefits far out way any negatives, and you and your family will have a great fun packed vacation if you bring your dog along to your next destination.

Whilst there are many reasons you will love your new travel companion, below are some of our favorite reasons why bringing your pet along for the next adventure is a better option than leaving them behind.

You’ll Feel Safer

Your dog likely adores you. Just as much as you don’t want anything bad to happen to them, they don’t want anything bad to happen to you either. In short, having a dog come along to an unknown place is like having a little body guard by your side. Larger dogs are a deterrent against pickpockets and more dangerous strangers and small dogs are still super protective and will make a whole lot of noise if danger approaches.

All dogs are able to give a nasty bite, and they won’t be afraid to use it if they feel their human is in danger.

Emotional Support

Petting and cuddling pets have shown to lower cortisol levels and other stress-inducing hormones. This works both ways. When being petted, dogs also become relaxed and both you and your dog will feel more emotionally connected.

If you’re a nervous traveller, having your dog on hand to provide some comfort will do wonders to alleviate your stress and anxiety. Petting and playing with your dog causes increases in dopamine and serotonin, you and other family members are happier when you interact with your dog.

If your child is struggling to make new friends at your vacation resort, nothing makes kids happier and more social than bringing their dog along to the park. In fact, Dogs are increasingly being recruited in schools as emotional support animals for children who struggle to socialize by themselves outside of the house. Older kids and adolescents will see a boost to their confidence with new people if they know their beloved pet is nearby.

Help Lone Travellers to Socialise

If you want to travel alone but are nervous about it, bringing your dog along is a great option.

Whilst you and your dog can enjoy some quality bonding time in a new place, and long afternoons exploring what nature has to offer, sooner or later you may want to interact with other tourists and maybe make some new friends.

For some people, interacting with strangers can be a nerve-wrecking experience, but with a trusted companion by your side, you are more likely to experience a confidence boost.

Also, people love petting and playing with dogs whether they own one themselves or not. Dogs are a great conversation starter, and people are more likely to approach you for conversation if you have a pet with you.

Furthermore, introducing your dog to new environments is great for their development. You know your dog’s personality and temperament best, so be sure to keep their needs in mind and avoid areas that may make them stressed or uncomfortable.

Healthier Leisure time

Overall, those who travel with dogs tend to have a healthier vacation than those who leave their pups at home.

In this age of technology that we live in, it is tempting to stay indoors even when on vacation and opt for more sedentary activities such as coach tours and boat trips.

However, both adults and kids love walking with dogs, and nothing is more fun then exploring a new natural spot with your four-legged family member! Choosing vacation activities that involve walks and runs around national parks and exotic beaches is great for cardiovascular and mental health. Being outside and playing with the dog gives you an emotional boost to as well as the physical benefits of exercise.

Whilst most dogs are great on vacation, be aware that some breeds of dogs are not suitable for certain climates. For example, if you usually live in a cool climate and own a husky, it probably isn’t wise to take them to a destination that may be too hot for them. If you have a short haired breed like Chihuahua and wish to visit a snowy resort, be sure to pack a thick coat for them to wear outdoors at all times and be mindful of cold paws.

Otherwise, dogs are a brilliant addition to your vacation, and their presence comes with a whole host of physical, emotional, and practical benefits for you and your family to enjoy while you are away. 

Including your dog in your travel plans isn’t difficult and there are tons of resources to help you manage the trip in an effective and fun way.