Travel Hacks for Easy Travel with Your Furry Friend

So, you booked your hotel, planned the journey, chosen the activities and organised very little detail in-between to make sure your trip is as perfect as possible.

There’s only one thing left, sorting out Puppies travel essentials!

If you have never taken a dog on vacation before, or this is the first vacation for your newest furry family member and you’re not unsure how they will react, travel can be a nerve-wracking time for pup parents.

We're sure you have made a comprehensive list that you are ticking off as we speak, but we have a few travel hacks and ideas that may make your trip a whole lot sweeter, or at least a tad more comfortable for your four-legged adventurer!

Exercise Before Travel

Not just an hour before travel, but an entire day before travel is at all possible! Exhausting your dog, the day before travel will make for an easier journey if you have a long road trip or short plane ride to take.

If your dog is tired, they are more likely to sleep through the journey, and less likely to hurt or injure themselves as they try to burn off access energy.

It also means that the short walks you take during pit stops will tide them over until you reach your destination. Take your Dog out for a good day of running the day before you are due to travel and you’ll have a well behaved and more relaxed Pup throughout the journey.

Invest in a pet carrier with wheels

If your pup is a little on the lazier side and parts of your journey involve long walks and your dog is likely to protest halfway through, a pet carrier with wheels in an ideal accessory to travel with.

Not only can you pull your dog along with ease so you don’t end up carrying them, but they also double up as an actual pet crate that is acceptable on most flights.

They are particularly useful in crowded airports and train stations.

GPS locator

Our most highly recommended accessor f the GPS locator App, essential preparation in case Puppy makes a great escape! It's easy to download and register your Pup on one of the many GPS apps that will track your dog via a chip in their collar.

In fact, this is a great accessory whether you are travelling or not. The app will also send out digital posters in case your dog shakes off the collar and cannot be located via the app.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are a great hack for removing dog hair from clothes, furniture and carpets with ease!

Bring dryer sheets with you to de-hair your car after a long trip, and keep your dogs’ crate nice and hair-free during your vacation – they also leave a pleasant smell behind!

Many dog owners reportedly run dryer sheets over their Pups hair during thunderstorms. It is said to remove static from the dog’s hair and the stroking motion helps them to relax.

Keep the dryer sheets completely out of reach of your dog, they are toxic to dogs (and humans) if digested. Dispose of them safely and pack them tightly away between uses.

Always Pack Spares

Always, always, always pack spares. You never know when poop bags, toys and collars may get lost, left behind or broken. When you’re in a new place is may be difficult to find stores to replace these items so packing extras is a key step in travel preparation.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a God-send to those travelling with four-legged friends in toe.

In the event your Pup has an accident in the car or on the hotel rug, baking soda is an easy and cheap way of removing pee stains and odour from carpets and upholstery.

Baking soda is also great for treeing Bee stings, should your beloved Pup get stung whilst out and about.

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the affected area to bring swelling down and ease the pain a little.

Ice Cubes

If your heading for sunny climbs then pack some ice cubes for the trip. Dogs can over-guzzle water on hot days which increases their chances of getting travel sickness.

Ice cubes are great for car, bats and plane journeys as they ice is compact, can be eaten anywhere and helps regulate your pups body temperature and water consumption, making less of a mess and reducing travel sickness.

If your dog is like mine and isn’t partial to eating ice cubes, try freezing a few small treats inside to encourage them to eat. They will also have a little surprise in each and every cube!

A few simple hacks can go a long way to making the trip and more comfortable for your dog and less of a headache for you! We get tons of suggestions and tips from our readers, so subscribe and check back regularly to receive more updates and helpful hacks!