The Do’s and Don’ts When Booking A Pet Friendly Hotel

Your beloved Pup is a member of the family, so it’s understandable why you would want to bring them along on your next vacation!

Not only do we miss our furry friends when we leave them behind, but the cost of kennels and boarding houses for dogs can be costly, and bringing your dog along for the adventure is usually the cheaper (and more enjoyable!) alternative.

However, when searching for places to stay, the booking process is usually what turns most dog owners off the idea. But not so fast! We are here to demonstrate that the process is much simpler than you think! Check out our tips for booking your perfect paradise getaway with your furry friend in toe.

DO: Check Amenities

Whilst you may have a whole list of priorities to consider before making your decision on where to stay, local amenities should be at the top. When you find a hotel or B’n’B that allows dogs, be sure to check what amenities they have to maximise your puppy’s comfort before you set off. Some places may kit the whole room out with dog bowls and pet beds before your arrival, others may merely allow your dog to sleep there and offer no extras. Make sure you check the brochure, speak to your travel agent or call the hotel directly before you make the booking so you can decide if the accommodation is suitable for you and your dog’s needs.

DO: Ask About Policies

It is always good to check ahead of time what that specific hotels policy is on pet stays. While chains may advertise that they allow pets, it may be in limited locations. Some hotels charge extra fees, pets may not be able to stay during certain hours and may restrict pets to certain communal areas.

Also, some hotels reserve specific rooms for pet owners and if these become fully booked before your arrival, you and Fido may be stuck out in the cold. Always inform your hotel ahead of time that you will be bringing a four-legged guest to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

DO: Check the Surrounding Areas

Just because your hotel is pet-friendly, doesn’t mean that the surrounding areas are! This is especially important when booking into motels that may be located in concrete jungles with no green spaces in sight. To check that there is somewhere that your Pup can do her ‘’business’’ and exercise in peace, you may want to do a quick Google map search and research the immediate areas for public parks and communal green areas. Most public green spaces allow dogs to enter.

DON’T: Over Pay

It isn’t our intention to set anyone’s budget, but we like to make pet owners aware that some hotels will drastically overcharge for your pets stay. Some hotels may charge a minimal cleaning fee but many don’t.

Be wary of ‘non-refundable’ deposits. Whilst it may be acceptable for a hotel to ask you to place a security deposit should any damage occur as a result of your dogs’ behaviour; all Good Doggies should get their deposit back in full. Hotels that will not reimburse you despite the fact that your dog caused no damage should be avoided.

 DON’T: Assume That Other Guests are Comfortable with Dogs

You and the hotel may enjoy your dogs’ company but other guest may not. Be mindful of other guests when you visit hotels, it is not uncommon for some people to be afraid of dogs, or worry about dogs around their small children. When staying in a hotel with your pawed-pal, keep them on a lead at all times in communal areas, particularly in confined spaces where you may be in close contact with other guests, like elevators and communal bathrooms.

DON’T: Leave it to the Last Minute

Whilst spontaneous trips with your pet are great, you might want to leave those to day trips and camping excursions. Whilst pet friendly hotels aren’t difficult to find, leaving your accommodation plans until the last minute is not advisable if you are bringing your four-legged family member along for the ride.

To ensure that you and Fido have the best time possible, we advise scouting for your perfect pet-friendly hotel as early as possible and planning the rest of your vacation around pet-friendly amenities.

 We cannot stress enough how many great activities, tours and sight-seeing adventures await the whole family – your pet included. Planning around your pet is not restrictive, in fact, many dog-owners report that vacations with their pet lead them to do things and visit places they otherwise would not have!

Your perfect vacation is topped off by the perfect accommodation. Whether you plan to stay in one place for your whole trip or travel from town to town on an exciting highway adventure, there are lots of places to choose from when looking for somewhere to rest up with your favourite travel companion.