The Best Airlines for Pet Travel

Either moving abroad or taking an overseas trip or flying cross country with your fur-baby in toe? Whilst leaving pets at home may be considered best at times, sometimes circumstances dictate that you must bring your pet along for the ride.

Flying with your Pup can be a worrying endeavour. Worried about cargo? and cabin fever? Healthy dogs are absolutely fine to fly and there are numerous methods to help keep them calm and relaxed during their trip.

However, one of the biggest obstacles is finding airlines that will accommodate your pet without charging the earth. Thankfully more and more airlines are becoming pet-friendly and even go the extra mile to make sure your beloved best friend is as comfortable as possible throughout the journey.

Below are some of the best airlines available to American dog-owners that have the best rates and best reviews from their four-legged passengers.

American Airlines

American Airlines came out on top for the most favoured airline for hosting furry travellers. They offer a reasonable price, they charge $125 for dogs eligible for cabin travel and $200 for dogs that have to be checked and travel in hold. Although fees may vary from destination to destination, these prices are set for travel within and between the US, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Columbia and the Caribbean.

Spots for pets are limited, so be sure to call ahead and mention your traveling with your dog and remember to measure your dogs dimensions as there are restrictions on larger pets. They accept pets as young as 8 weeks old, and all pets travelling in cabin must remain in a suitable carrier that can fit under the seat.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a pet-friendly air-travel service that charges similar rates to American airlines with a discounted $75 one-way trip to Brazil if your pet is eligible for cabin travel. Dogs that are required to be checked into the hold will vary on price depending on their weight and size.

Pets are allowed to travel in coach, business, and first-class cabins but be sure to reserve your spot as places can fill up quickly!

If for any reason your pet cannot travel in the cabin or be checked, then they will be transported separately by the Delta Cargo service, which is a Gold Standard Awarded Air cargo service that ensures your pets comfort.

SouthWest Airlines

Southwest offers some of the cheapest prices for pet travel out there. The standard price of a seat for your Pup is around $85 each way, but they only accept small vaccinated dogs to travel as they do not operate a check in hold service, nor a separate cargo service like Delta.

However, Southwest allow up to 6 pets to travel at one time, and like humans, dogs are served on a first come first served basis so make sure to book your spot early, especially if you are travelling with multiple pets. You must ensure that your dog fits comfortably in a crate that is small enough to fit under your seat, and only vaccination paperwork is required for travel, medical histories are not required.

Allegiant Air

If you’re in need of a really quick and simple solution to flying with your pet then Allegiant Air may be the way to go. They don’t require you to present any certificates for your pet to travel, and you don’t need to call a seperate hotline to speak to an advisor about your pet. In fact, you can book your pets ticket yourself online just as easily as you can purchase your own!

The cost of flying your pet is around $100 each way and pets can only travel in cabin, so larger dogs may have to consider other airlines.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offer a personalised touch when boarding your pet. With their ‘Fur-st Class’ care package, they ensure your pets are comfortable and even send you a text message when your pet is safely aboard! The fee for dogs is around $100 each way and fees are wavered completely for service animals and emotional support dogs.

Smaller dogs can travel in the cabin and larger breeds can be checked into the hold. However, first class cabins are restricted to only 1 pet per journey. Short nosed dogs are not allowed to travel in cargo but most short nosed breeds will be welcomed in the cabin.

It is important to do your research and consult the reviews and comments from other pet travellers before booking your spot. However, most pets fly without a fuss and the checking and boarding process is simple providing you are organised and have the right paperwork.

Once the formal process is complete you and your pet can relax and enjoy the open skies! There are lots of airlines out there with friendly customer service agents that want to make your pets experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Happy Flying!