Must-have Items for Stress-Free Pet Travel

Must-have Items for Stress-Free Pet Travel

Traveling is great, but it's even better if you can take your four-legged friend along for the trip! Sandy beaches, nature trails, and road trips are always more fun with our furry best friends!

But what should you take to make sure that your Pup has everything you need? Whilst traveling with your pet is fun there are some potential challenges you must consider before setting out. The likely weather conditions, travel time, and exposure to other wildlife are factors you should consider before setting out on your adventure with your pawed pal.

Luckily, we have tried and tested the best travel products and can suggest some essentials that will make that trip go a whole lot smoother and make sure that your dog has just as great a time on their holiday as you do!

Pet Carrier/Seat Belt

Our first suggestion is probably the most obvious – a pet carrier or seat belt. Whilst it might seem like a no-brainer item, over 48% of dog owners in the UK do not restrain their dogs correctly when they take them on long road trips.

Even if your dog enjoys the car, it will give both you and your beloved Pup peace of mind if they are properly secured in your vehicle.

For smaller dogs, pet carriers are a great and versatile option for travel. Not only can you use the carrier to secure your pet in the vehicle where they will have their own cozy space to chill out on the drive, but you can also use the carrier as a portable bed if you check into a dog-friendly hotel, or are staying in accommodation that is not usually catered to dogs.

For larger dogs, we would suggest getting a heavy-duty and reliable seatbelt that utilizes a harness for maximum comfortability. Seatbelts are also a great option as they allow your pet to move around somewhat, so they are able to look out of the window and take in the view. Make sure you correctly measure your dog and correctly fit the seat belt according to the instructions.

Rain Coats

Rain coats are an easily forgotten item but so essential! Even if you live or are traveling to a place that may have good weather most of the time, you never know when you are your Pup may get caught out in the rain! 

Just like we lose body heat when we are exposed to rainy weather and wet clothes, so does your pet! As their fur gets wet, they begin to lose body heat, and in extreme cases, this could lead to serious cases like pneumonia.

To make sure your pet is protected from letting the wet weather dampen their day, keep a raincoat handy when out on long walks.

There are hundreds of pet coats and waterproofs to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one that matches your dog's needs and style. Do be sure to measure them before ordering and select the right kind of coat for the occasion.

Portable Water Bottles

We can’t stress enough the importance of bringing a pet water bottle along for the trip to keep your furry buddy hydrated.

You may strike lucky and find a kind vendor or restaurant owner willing to donate a bowl of water for your dog to drink from, but don’t count on it. Having water nearby in a suitable vessel for your doggie to take a drink when they need one is essential for maintaining your dog’s health throughout your trip.

The great thing about dog water bottles is that most types fold easily and are easily carried in most bags without inconvenience.

Pet Tracker

The less obvious and not-strictly-essential item is a pet tracker. Pet trackers and GPS systems attach to your dog’s collar and send information about your dog’s location and activity levels straight to your phone.

Whilst you may happily travel without one, we have included it on this list as an additional safety feature for when your out and about together in environments that you do not know. It gives you peace of mind that whilst Fido is running about in parks, fields, and new landscapes you will know their whereabouts at all times, no matter how familiar you are with the environment.

It is also an additional security measure if you are staying in an unfamiliar town or city and the worst should happen – your pet wanders too far and gets lost. You can track their exact location without having to call the authorities for help.

These are just a few items that we suggest you take with you to make your holiday more fun and enjoyable for your furry friend. Dogs love exploring new environments with their favorite humans, and these few additional items will make traveling with your doggo a whole lot smoother.