How to Find a Vacation Rental House for Dogs on Vrbo

For those of your who are looking for an easy one-stop-shop for pet friendly rentals then we suggest looking no further than Vrbo! Vrbo’s easy to use and straightforward search engine will do most of the hard work for you. Simply tell the site that you have a furry travel companion and the system will generate the best top picks and destinations for you and your four-pawed pal.

 What is Vrbo?

Vrbo is often compared to Airbnb. Like Airbnb, Vrbo works with independent rentals to advertise to customers directly without going through a travel agent.

Those with pets often gravitate towards Vrbo because unlike traditional search engines that look for hotels and motels, Vrbo will generate independent rentals where owners do not mind if your furry family member comes along too. This greatly increases the chances of you finding your dream accommodation that will also cater to your dog.

Vrbo has been in operation since the 90s, making it one of the biggest and oldest players in private short-term rentals to date. Unlike Airbnb where literally any kind of rental can be advertised for travellers (Lego houses and hotels made from sand come to mind!) Vrbo is a little more selective on the types of accommodation they offer and restrict their listings to houses, apartments, condos, villas and other similar residential buildings (however do look out for the odd castle and treehouse!)

 Space & Variety

Whereas Airbnb can list by room, Vrbo only lists properties that rent out the entire space. So, this is a great option for families who need lots of space and don’t want to scroll through lots of ‘room only’ bookings on other sites. What you see on Vrbo, you will get. Every property listed on Vrbo is for the entire house or condo for complete privacy, so your dog can play and folic with plenty of space, and maybe in her own garden!

However, as a result Vrbo tends to yield less results than Airbnb and other vacation home search providers. However, with over 2 million listings currently available worldwide on Vrbo, we are confident you will still be left with plenty of options for you and your pawed companion.


We really love the review process for shoppers on Vrbo. Each property has its own review section, which also features a starring system so you can get an idea of how happy previous customers were with the property at a glance.

What we like most about the reviews section, is that the owners get to respond directly to customers publicly. This enables you to see if a complaint is genuine and likely to impact your stay, or if the complaint was due to a particular situation with the previous guests. It also gives you an idea of how responsive the owners will be if you and your Pup encounter any issues or problems during your stay.

Previous guests are a great source of information. Often those who stay in the property with dogs will mention additional or lack of amenities for dogs at the property, and some go as far as recommending local activities for dogs.

Dedicated Advice

To top it all off, Vrbo has a whole page dedicated to giving you helpful advice and details regarding different accommodation choices and what to expect.

The information page goes into great detail about the differences between booking a cabin vs a hotel to help you make a better-informed choice about what kind of accommodation will best suit your dogs’ needs on your travels. They even suggest certain resorts and cabin stays if you are at all unsure on which destination to choose.


Vrbo goes to great lengths to recommend specific accommodation and resorts for customers with dogs.

They provide customers with a wide range of choices from destinations across the country. They display all of the information up front such as the accommodations cancellation policy and the customer rating.

Advanced Search Options

The Icing on the Cake with Vbro is that they search engine allows you to conduct a detailed search on the kind of destination you and your Doggo are looking to enjoy. Looking for sunny climbs but unsure which resort is best? Our looking to take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the snowy mountains but don’t know where to look? Just search for mountain views, ski rentals or coastal towns and Vrbo will show you numerous available properties in a variety of areas!

 Searching online for dog-friendly locations has just gotten easier with Vrbo! We highly recommend consulting this site whether you have a specific destination in mind or you and your pup are looking for a more spontaneous adventure! The world is your dogs’ Oyster, thanks to the easy-to-use Vrbo search.