A Helpful Guide to the Best Hotels and Restaurants for You and Your Dog

So, you and Your Four-Legged companion have decided to hit the road and have a Destination Adventure!

You know where you want to go, what kind of adventures you want to have, what to explore and have a full list of travel essentials at the ready, but where can you stay and dine?

Finding a hotel and pet-friendly restaurants are the number one problem that dog-owners face when planning a vacation with their Furry best Friend, but don’t worry! We have put together this useful guide to help making the right accommodation and eatery choices a whole lot easier!

Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

You don’t need to scour Air BnB and private cottages or negotiate with cabin rentals in hope they will let your dog stay. There are a ton of hotel chains that allow pets and will go out of their way to make sure you and Fido have the best experience.

Motel 6: If you’re looking for a cheap and easy place to stay with your Pup, Motel 6 is a great option for short stays and road trips. Unlike some other Chains there is no fee for your dogs’ stay and you can keep up to two pets per room. However, be mindful that the rooms are not specially designed for pets so you may want to bring along some overnight essentials for your pawed-companion.

Westin: Westin is a well-known chain that has over 165 dog friendly hotels across the country, set in some of the most beautiful destinations. We advise you do your research before booking, as not all chains are pet friendly and those that are will charge an extra fee which varies from one hotel to the next. However, they will provide you with wonderful doggie-essentials such as food and water bowls, and luxury pet beds.

The Four Seasons: If you and your precious Pup are looking for a little pampering, the Four Seasons welcome furry guests at no extra charge. Although services vary from one hotel the another, generally the hotels have a special menu for dogs and grooming and walking services available for an additional fee. Access for pets is restricted to certain weights at some chains, so make sure you ask before booking!

 Places to Eat

Although more and more destinations are allowing dogs to bring their humans for a bite to eat, most hotel chains restrict dogs from entering the restaurant and bar areas so you may be left wondering where you and Fido can grab a bite outside of your hotel room.

Thankfully, a few well known restaurant chains are dog friendly and look forward to welcoming you and your Doggie Date so you can enjoy a wonderful meal while you’re out and about on your vacation.

Outback Steakhouse: Although the official ruling asks pets to stay at home, more and more Outback Steakhouses are accommodating pets inside, so it is worth checking ahead of time! They don’t have a dog specific menu, but we’re sure your Pup won’t mind ordering from the regular menu one bit!

Noah’s New York Bagel: Watch out for Noah’s New York Bagel chains with outdoor seating areas, these chains are specially accommodating to dogs. Word on the street is that these chains make special bone shaped bagels for your furry friend to enjoy! They also leave out water bowls for visiting Doggos.

Dairy Queen: The Dairy Queen doesn’t allow dogs inside but they are happy for you to chill out with your Pawed-Pal in the outside seating area so you can relax in the sun together. They get a special mention here as many locations will offer your Pup a free ice cream!

In-N-Out Burger: You’ll have to use the drive-thru as dogs aren’t allowed inside, but In-N-Out burger offer a dog friendly unseasoned burger menu that your dog will love! Worth a drive-by on long road trips for an easy snack for you and your hungry Pup.

Don’t forget to always enquire at smaller independent establishments that may be off the beaten track. Whilst they might be smaller, BnB’s and independent eateries tend to be more open to accommodating dogs because they are smaller, more private and have a certain degree of flexibility. You can also check review sites in the area for suggestions from locals and other tourists.

Also, if you have booked into a dog friendly hotel it is likely they have a list of recommended restaurants and other attractions that allow dogs to come along. Hotels are a great resource for local activities as many companies leave information with the concierge for hotel guests.

And most importantly, don’t forget to keep checking our site for the latest updates and advice on the best and ‘must visit’ destinations and attractions for you and your beloved Pup to Eat, Sleep, Play and Repeat!