5 Fun-Filled Days Out for You and Your Dog

Looking for a short and exciting escape for you and your pawed pal? Want to shake up your normal walk with some fun-filled action?

There are lots of fun activities and days out to enjoy with your Pup in 24 hours or less!

It’s a great idea for both dogs and dog-owners alike to step outside of their usual routine and explore a new place or activity. There are lots of fun and exciting places you can take your pup whether you want to exercise, hang out or just relax together.

1: Visit the City

If you and your Doggo spend most of your time in the countryside, why not enjoy a change of scenery and have a day out in the big city?

There's absolutely no reason why your four-legged best friend can’t hit the high streets together and enjoy a stroll across your nearest cityscape and take in a few sights.

You don’t even need to drive to get there! Lots of public transport operators are happy to have pets aboard and cities are making more efforts to preserve green spaces, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find an urban park so Fido can get out and stretch their legs! Kylde Warren Park in Central Dallas, Texas, Balboa park in California and not forgetting Central park in New York are just a few of examples of great and beautiful urban parks that this country has to offer!

2: A Day at the Beach

If sea, sand and surf is your dog’s thing then head on down to the coast for the day!

You’ll find that your dog will have a great time, no matter the weather. They can enjoy chasing the tide, splashing in the shallows and playing games in the sand!

The US offers some beautiful coastlines for you to enjoy with your Pup, and many coffee shops and ice cream parlours allow you to sit outside and relax with your pawed-companion if you need to stop for refreshments.

The beach is also a great place for a picnic! Just make sure you pack plenty of water for Pup and bring along some old towels so Doggo can dry off in comfort on the journey home!

3: A Play Date

If your Furry Friend is a super socialiser, why not arrange a Puppy Playdate? Playdates are a great way to get out and about and enjoy the local dog-walking community.

You could arrange to meet their best friend in the park, or you could get out and meet the neighbours at the local dog-walking group. Or if your community doesn’t yet have a dog walking group, you could start one yourself! Try hosting a doggy picnic in the local park or garden.

Dogs love to run and chase each other, they are also partial to a group game of fetch and a friendly wrestle in the grass! She’ll be absolutely pooped by the end of the day with all the entertainments that other dogs can offer!

4: Pamper Your Pooch

If your Pooch loves to be pampered, why not switch up the pace and arrange for an afternoon of relaxation at the local dog groomers?

Lots of dogs love the extra attention and care they get at their dog grooming facilities. Nothing makes your Pup feel more special than a relaxing shampoo, a freshly groomed coat and newly clipped talons.

If you’re really looking to spoil them, why not splash out on a new collar and lead to complete the look? Your Pup will feel extra stylish and special after a relaxing day of puppy pampering!

5: Doggie Day Care

Doggie daycare is not just for boarding! Lots of Dogs absolutely love their local daycare centre that is packed full of dog-friendly activities that will keep your dog entertained for hours!

Doggie daycare is just like a soft play area, but for dogs! The facilities are run by highly trained dog handlers whose number one priority is your dog’s safety and happiness.

The indoor spaces are often kitted out with tunnels, ramps and giant inflatable balls. The outside areas most commonly feature wide-open spaces where your dogs can run, have fun and make new friends!

Wherever you choose to go there are lots of options available for doggies both big and small! From short city visits to longer days by the coast, it’s great to switch up your routine and let your dog enjoy a new place or a routine outside of the norm.

Your dog will love spending time with you, or other pups in one of the fantastic locations around your town or city. Take plenty of water, essentials and a little research beforehand and you and Fido will have a great time getting out and about!