Zeeland, Netherlands

This quaint province in the Netherlands is where the country of New Zealand got its name. With its lesser population, Zeeland is eye candy. It’s another promising travel destination for you and your cute little paw due to the number of peninsulas and islands that consist of the province.

Fun fact, its name, actually stands for “Sealand,” due to the many islands that comprised it. That said, the province has become a favorite destination for many local and international tourists. Least populous and many islands, these two are a perfect pair.

Things to Do with Your Dog in Zeeland Province in the Netherlands

And so, without much delay, we dived into the friendliest places and attractions in the area. We made sure that these are amiably welcoming to your fur baby.

  • Enjoy Long Walks on the Powdery Sandy Beach Shorelines

You will not only marvel at the tranquillity of the beaches in Zeeland but as well as fall in love with their clean and dainty shorelines.

  • Berkenbosch

Location: Strand Oostkapelle 20, 4356 XZ Oostkapelle The Netherlands

One of the most beautiful beaches in Oostkapelle. Well, not only that, because it is also famous as the most dog-friendly beach in the Walcheren island of Zeeland province. You can bring your fur baby here and bask in through the long-stretch shoreline with your pooch.

  • Banjaard

Location: Banjaard Boulevard 1, 4493 RZ Kamperland The Netherlands

Another drop-dead gorgeous beach in the province is the Banjaard Beach. It’s wide, clean, and breathtaking. So, you’ll have more astounding time with your pup.

  • Breezand

Location: Breezand 65, 4354 NL Vrouwenpolder The Netherlands

The Breezand is another captivating beach that you can visit with your pooch when you’re in Zeeland.

  • Relax and Dine-In

Unwind and grab a bite in these dog-friendly restaurants in Zeeland province in the Netherlands. Along with these places, there are also hotel accommodations or vacation rentals that you can check.

By saying so, it’s not a surprise to see an array of restaurants by the beach that are also dog-friendly.

  • Paviljoen Berkenbosch

Location: Strand Oostkapelle 20, 4356 XZ Oostkapelle The Netherlands

  • Strandhotel Duinoord

Location: Breezand 65, 4354 NL Vrouwenpolder The Netherlands

  • Strandpaviljoen Berkenbosch

Location: Strand Oostkapelle 20, 4356 XZ Oostkapelle The Netherlands

  • Strandpaviljoen Puur

Location: Duinovergang 22, 4503 PA Groede, Netherlands

  • Revel More on Sightseeing and Strolling

Speaking of the beaches in Zeeland, there’s another notably famous boulevard in the province. It’s the “Boulevard van Vlissingen.” You can take a side trip on the grandiosely breathtaking view of the area.

And there are so many things that you and your fur baby can do while you're here, such as enjoying the picturesque views and checking out historical structures and landmarks. There’s also a long stretch of clean beach that you can enjoy.

It’s one long stroll with your pooch when you drop by in this boulevard.

  • Boulevard van Vlissingen

Location: Vlissingen The Netherlands

 All you can see in the boulevard are the jaw-dropping, picturesquely breathtaking views and landscapes. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while taking a peek at the sunset.

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