Windsor County, Vermont

Windsor County in Vermont is loaded with natural scenery to attract the tourists. People who like to take some time off and go on a vacation with their families and their beloved pets can always go to Vermont as the top most tourist spot. The Windsor County offers a lot more in terms of the jogging parks for the dogs and trails to explore the natural scenery while being in Vermont. Take your furry friend for a luxurious vacation to Windsor and enjoy the cold breezes and the sunny weather. This time off will allow you tow to bond well and have an experience of a lifetime in form of adventure and relaxation. US 2020 Labor Day 20% off on hotels

Things to Do While Out and About with Your Dog in Windsor County, VT

Windsor might sound a bit British and dull in terms of its name but the county has a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and entertainment to the tourists. You can explore the parks, trails and other activities in the area. Scroll through to know what Windsor County has to offer and how you can make the best out of your vacation with your furry buddy.

  • Dog-Friendly parks
  • Watson Upper Valley Dog Park

Location: 1120 Maple St, White River Junction, VT, US, 05001-0000

Take your family for a scenic view and picnic to the Watson Upper valley dog park. You can enjoy a perfect jog in the 1.5 acre park while having a great picnic. Your dog can have a great run around without being on a leash which is a perfect picnic for it.

  • Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park

Location: 54 Elm St, Woodstock, VT, US, 05091-0000

If you’re looking to get a perfect getaway where you can explore nature while having a light evening stroll, then this park is the perfect choice. You can find the wonderful landscape filled with maple trees, hemlocks, covered bridges and old stone walls in this park. Taking your furry buddy in this park would be a treat to enjoy.

  • Quechee State Park

Location: 5800 Woodstock Rd, Hartford, VT, US, 05047

The Quechee State Park is a treat for the people who like to have a perfect jog while keeping their furry friend with them. Make sure that your dog is on a leash all the time while you are exploring the park. Enjoy the wonderful evening and morning stroll among the lush green grass and clean surroundings.

  • Farms and orchards adventures
  • Sugarbush Farm

Location: 591 Sugarbush Farm Rd, Woodstock, VT, US, 05091

Avail this great opportunity to enjoy the making of cheese, maple syrup and the lush green fields of the farm while exploring the property with your dog. Keep your dog on a leash while making a trip to the farm but don’t forget to grab the cameras to capture all the cute moments.

  • Poverty Lane Orchards

Location: 98 Slayton Hill Rd, Lebanon, NH, US, 03766-0000

Take your pet on a great orchard adventure where you can make your own cider and pick your own apples. The orchards are a treat of their own kind and will definitely make your trip to Windsor worth the time and money.

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