Tillamook, Oregon

Interestingly, Tillamook City in Oregon takes its name in honor of the Native American Tillamook people who dwelt in the area until the nineteenth century. As of 2018, the United States Census Bureau recorded more than five thousand population.

Running through its 1.7 square miles of land area, Tillamook is a haven of many rivers, spectacular nature, and captivating coastal spots. Hence, one of its nicknames is “Land of Many Waters.” And due to its fabulous production of cheese, it is also notably referred to as the “Land of Cheese, Trees, and Ocean Breeze.”

Things to Do with Your Dog in Tillamook in Oregon

Among the many things, attractions, and fun activities it offers to its pet lover tourists and guests is its dog-friendly places and facilities. That is why Tillamook is a perfect place for you and your pup’s next travel adventure. Besides, there are other paw-loving spots in its nearby areas that you can also check out.

  • Marvel on the Scenic Views of the Land
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There are plenty of nature parks, coastal views, and rivers in Tillamook City. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to bask into these gorgeous scenic views.

  • Bob Straub State Park

Location: 35835 Sunset Dr, Cloverdale, OR, US, 97135

You can spend hours in this four hundred eighty-four acres breathtaking beach state park in one of the stunning towns in the city. Sit on the sand and enjoy the mind-blowing view of the ocean or walk through the shoreline with your on-leash dog.

  • Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint

Location: Bayshore Dr & Cape Meares Lighthouse Dr, Tillamook, OR, US, 97141

Don’t forget to drop by this sensational scenic beach view. All you can see other dainty things with refreshing air and breeze, not to forget the awe-inspiring overlooking picturesque vista of the coasts.

  • Cape Lookout North Trail

Location: 13000 Whiskey Creek Rd, Tillamook, OR, US, 97112

Another incredible travel destination in Tillamook is this “Cape Lookout North Trail.” 

There’s a moderately easy trail for you and your pup, which is just about 5.2 miles and more or less three hours to complete. You will see the eye-catching Cape Creek and the startling view of the Pacific from the dazzling mountain ridge.

  • Enjoy a Scenic Ride

Location: 402 American Ave, Garibaldi, OR, US, 97118      

It’s another way for you and your paw to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the scenic landscapes and ocean views in the city by taking the “Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.” It’s simply a 46-mile long train ride along the edges of the cliffs, overlooking the astonishing beauty of the city and the ocean and the charming grounds of the towns.

  • Savor the Homemade Fabulous Creamy Cheese

Stretch out your legs and savor their famous creamy cheese. Your pup can run around the wide lawn in the area, while you enjoy a delicious ice cream cone.                                            

  • Tillamook Cheese Factory

Location: 4165 N Hwy 101, Tillamook, OR, US 97141       

      The factory also has free cheese curd samples for your fur baby.

  • Blue Heron Cheese Company

Location:  2001 Blue Heron Rd A, Tillamook, OR, US 97141

You can get a few picnic goodies at the “Blue Heron Cheese Company,” while enjoying the view of their farm

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