Stowe, Vermont

Regarded as one of the most pet friendly as well as the most scenic areas in the US, Stowe offers the dog owners to have a perfect time on their vacations. From trails in the waterfalls to parks and shops for the pets, you and your dog can have a perfect time in Stowe. The lush field, the lakes and the waterfalls are something that Stowe offers and they are incomparable to any other state. You can shop and have leisurely walks in Stowe while discovering the beauty of nature with your furry buddy.

Things to Do While Out and About with Your Dog in Stowe, VT

Stowe is loaded with the natural scenery. You can jog, you can hike in the trails and have a great time while cruising in the lakes. Here are a few things that you need to check out in the area while you are staying there for a great vacation.

  • Trails and hiking in nature

The natural scenery in the area is something that will take you by surprise. The streams, lakes and waterfalls are the new experiences to keep you in awe of it. Here are a few trails and tracks that you can visit with your dog in Stowe.

  • Smugglers Notch State Park

Location: 6443 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT, US, 05672-0000

Located amid the mountains, waterfalls and streams, this jogging trail is a must one to visit with your dog. The natural scenery will never let you get tired while you two are having a jog around.

  • Moss Glen Falls Trail

Location: Moss Glen Falls Rd, Stowe, VT, US, 05672-0000

With mild traffic, this 2.9 miles trail is a definite visit for an early morning stroll with your dog. Keeping your dog on a leash, you can hike the trail in an ideal weather condition.

  • Gondola Sky ride

Location: 7416 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT, US, 05672-0000

After hiking to the top of the Mount Mansfield, your furry friend will have a perfect chance to see the world from the top with the Gondola Sky ride. This will definitely a hike worth your time and money.

  • Dog-Friendly parks
  • Hubbard Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Location: 99 Parkway St, Montpelier, VT, US, 05602-0000

Your dog can have a wonderful tie while enjoying its play time on a leash in this park in Stowe.

  • Mills Riverside Park

Location: 340 VT-15, Jericho, VT, US, 05465-0000

Get your dog on this 216 acres park and unleash it to enjoy the riverside view and run around in the park.

  • Shops and eateries
  • Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop

Location: 1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd, Waterbury, VT, US, 05676-0000

You can share a cone with your pet from the Scoop Shop of Ben and Jerry’s in Stowe. The shop offers your dog to pick its favourite flavour and have a great time.

  • The Blue Donkey

Location: 2160 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672, United States

A perfect eatery to enjoy burgers and fries with your furry friend which the restaurant offers in a healthy manner

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