San Diego, CA

Why San Diego is a Dog’s paradise?

San Diego is a paradise by all means. No matter if you are travelling solo on a road trip or taking a road trip and an extended vacation with your family alongside your adorable dog, you’re in for a treat in this gem of a place. Pet friendliness of San Diego has always been exemplary. With beaches, restaurants and even boutiques offering great services for pets, you will have a great time vacationing. Take a road trip with your entire family on a minivan. Your vacation’s happiness will increase by many folds since it will not be only about finding places to visit but bonding with each other while you dog will be with you all along.

Beaches to roam around

With beaches like Ocean Beach, Fiesta Island at Mission Bay, Coronado North and Del Mar, you can take your dog on a leisure day at the beach, paly with the ball and have a great swim the water while soaking the sun. The pet friendly beaches in San Diego are a major attraction for most dog owners who want to have a leisure time with their family while having their pet with them at the holidays. Make your summers worthy by planning a visit with family to San Diego beaches. You can unleash your dog after 6pm so an evening stroll on a San Diego beach is a worthy thing to do. The Sunset at the beach will stay with you for a long period of time.

Parks and places

You can take your dog to the Balboa Park which is a 1200-acre park. This park will allow you to make sure that you relax your legs by having a jog while your dog can tag along having a leisurely stroll in the soaking sun. While you can explore the Spanish Village Art Center at the Park, the dog can enjoy itself in the fenced area so you both will have a great time in the park. You can visit Marian Bear memorial park, Cowles Mountain and many other trails to have a great stroll and run in San Diego with your best buddy.

Dine in alongside your dog

In San Diego, you can have a great dine in experience while having your dog beside you. You can enjoy the bar at Level 9 and the Quartyard where you will be provided with a fenced area for the dog to relax and enjoy.

Paddle away with your dog

The Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Boats will provide you with the kayaking experience of your life while you can take your dog with you. The kayaks are safe for the dogs and you can have an amazing experience while kayaking in San Diego. Take your dog on a wonderful and memorable vacation in San Diego. The list for place sot visit go endless which makes Sa Diego worth a visit.

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