Outer Banks, NC

Your Dog Will Love Outer Banks, NC

Incontestably, our fur babies also deserve to have a relaxing, fun adventure just like us. And so, if you are planning to take your pups somewhere refreshing and delightful to let them have their much-needed time off, the Outer Banks is the place.  

 No bones about it!

Outer Banks has you covered when it comes to the best dog vacations from being a friendly place to all the fun and excitement on the things they can do and enjoy. Hence, the town became famous with its tag as the dog's paradise. 

That said, your pups will have the time of their life while having a blast basking in long stretches of beach shorelines.

Outer Banks also has a handful of landmarks, parks, and popular local places where you can tag your fur babies along without worrying about anything like risks or discriminations.

So, pack your bags and bring everything you need, and let’s take a peek of the things that you can do with your four-legged best friend.

 Things to Do with Your Dogs While You Are in Outer Banks

 Perhaps, the questions that are running in your head right now are the things that you can do with your fur babies while you are in Outer Banks. What are the best places to visit with your pups? Where should you go?

 Don’t fret!

 We have you covered. Below is a list of the things to do with your most loved paws when you are vacationing in Outer Banks.

  • Take Your Fur Baby to the Beach

As mentioned earlier, the Outer Banks have plenty of breathtaking and relaxing miles of long-stretched beaches, and so, take your pooch with you in one of those shores.

You can let them dig holes, play fetch with them, roll in the powdery sands, swim, run, and anything and everything under the beautiful sunrise or before the sunset. Outer Banks is simply a massive playground for your fur baby.

  • Stroll Around with Your Pooch

Outer Banks has ten picturesque small towns that you can take your paw for a stroll or a walk around their parks and other notable landmarks.

Don’t forget to take snaps!

True to its name, there are a smattering number of pet-friendly trails and walking paths that you can walk with your dogs.

  • Enjoy the Yappy Hour

Our pups deserve a happy hour too. And when we say that Outer Banks is a dog’s paradise, we mean to include the “Yappy Hour.”

Every Tuesday, the “Bluepoint Restaurant” hosts this adorable event for the pooches to enjoy some games, special treats and meeting new friends.

  • Sweet Treats

Give your fur baby the best vacation ever by spoiling her a little bit. While you are in Corolla town, you can treat your paw with dog-friendly, frosty ice cream in “The Chill Spot.”

While you are in Nags Head, you can get froyo or frozen yogurt for your pups in “Surfin’ Spoon” and choose the flavors and toppings. There’s also a bacon-topped donut for your dog at “Duck Donuts” in the towns of Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Duck, and Corolla.

 There are so many things to do at the dog’s paradise of Outer Banks.

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