Newport, Rhode Island

With tons of tourist attractions and a great atmosphere, Newport in Rhode Island is a must visit for a perfect family vacation with your pets. You can watch the sea, surf and enjoy the weather of the area. Being one of the most pet friendly areas, Newport has tons of trails and parks where you can go for a jog and a perfect stroll in the evenings and mornings. 

The beaches and hiking trials in the area will allow you to meet new people and your furry friend will have the chance to be social as well.

For cliff walks to outdoors, wine yards and breweries to polo, cruises to dog general stores, you can have an exquisite and royal time while being in Newport.

Things to Do While Out and About with Your Dog in Newport, RI

Newport offers you a lot of time and the entertainment options to relax on your vacations with your furry buddy. Scroll through to find out what Newport has to offer to you and your dog.

  • Jogs and strolls

Newport is filled with the natural scenery to keep you in awe of it. You can visit parks and hiking trails while visiting Newport. The dog are given plenty of area to roam around and run on the resistances while having fun.

  • Newport Dog Park

Location: 105 Connell Hwy, Newport, RI, US, 02840-0000

A securely fenced park for the dogs to have a great play time while interacting with other dogs.

  • Barrington Dog Park at Haines Park, RI

Location: 3 Haines Park Rd, Barrington, RI, US, 02806-0000

The parks allows your dog to have run around while not being on a leash. The entertaining obstacles will allow your dog to feel the freedom to play.

  • South Kensington Dog Park

Location: 60 St Dominic Rd, South Kingstown, RI, US, 02879-0000

A perfect park for the dogs to run around freely without being on a leash. The grassy areas and trees are a treat for the eyes in the park.

  • Dog-Friendly shops
  • The Black Dog General Store

Location: 33 Bannister's Wharf, Newport, RI, US  02840

Get great collars, bowls and treats for your dog while vacationing around this store in Newport. This place offers great accessories for your dog which it will absolutely adore.

  • Port of Paws

Location: 429 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Get your dog apparels, bowls, leashes and treats from Port of Paws in Newport. This place is a must visit with your furry friend while you are in Newport.

  • Trails and cruises
  • Cliff walk

Location: Newport, RI 02840, USA

Get the scenic views of the ocean and a great stroll on the cliff walk in Newport. The salty sea breeze will definitely take you to a whole new level.

  • Gansett Cruises

Location: 2 Bowens Landing, Newport, RI 02840, United States

A perfect cruise to enjoy the scenic views of the Rhodes Inland. Take your dog on the cruise and enjoy the wonderful experience. 

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