Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

While in Missouri, don’t forget to drop by “Lake of the Ozarks.” It is the most famous and highly visited lake destination in the state. This stunning attraction stretches over a thousand-mile of shoreline.

This lake encloses the Osage River in the Ozarks’ northern part, impounding three smaller tributary streams, namely Grandglaize Creek, Gravois Creek, and Niangua River. Due to its shape, “Lake of the Ozarks” is also notable for its nickname as “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Things to Do with Your Dog in Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

With the massive size of this reservoir, there are quite ample things or activities that you and your fur baby can do and explore. The area offers plenty of access to dog-friendly public beaches that are perfect for fishing. You can do a lot of water recreations.

Moreover, there are also nearby tourist destinations that welcome you and your paw together. That said, we list them down for you.

  • Walk Around and Camp Out

There’s an enormous state park nestled in the Lake of the Ozarks. Due to its extremely massive size, which is more than seventeen thousand acres, it’s a major destination for recreational activities.

  • Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Location: 403 H 134 Kaiser, Missouri, USA, 65047

Your pooch can roam throughout the park. There's a campground in the area too, where you and your leashed dog can also check out. Additionally, you and your fur baby can stay for the night.

Aside from the State Park, there are also other parks in the area that allow you and your pup to walk around or camp out. You can see the list below.

  • Riverview RV Park

Location: 398 Woodriver Road, Lake Ozark, Missouri, USA, 65044

  • Ozark Trails RV Park and Campground

Location: 4171 East US Hwy, Missouri, USA, 65052

  • Osage Beach RV Park

Location: 3949 Campground Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri, USA, 65065

  • Majestic Oaks Park

Location: 8 Majestic Oaks Road, Eldon, Missouri, USA, 65026

Some of these parks also offer pools and other amenities to complete your camping experience.

  • Munch on the Delicious Delicacies

After a whole day of walking or camping with your paw, you can take a break and munch on some famous delicacies in the area. There are quite a few dog-friendly restaurants within and near the Lake of the Ozarks that you can try.

  • Miller’s Landing

Location: MM 28 1/2, Runabout Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri, USA, 65065

It’s a specialty sandwich store that provides you and your fur baby full meals, including appetizers, breakfasts, kid’s menu, and a full bar.

But wait, there’s more!

If there’s a menu for kids, your pooch also deserves her list of food choices. “Miller’s Landing” also offers a doggy menu.

  • Backwater Jack’s

Location: 4341 Beach Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri, USA, 65065

This eatery specializes in southern Florida dishes with a touch of mid-western taste. They also offer a full bar meal and easy-listening live music. So, you and your fur baby can enjoy dining outside while chilling out.

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