Hilton Head, SC

Dog Travel Guide to Hilton Head South Carolina

It’s that time of that year that you are planning to take some time off with your fur babies somewhere relaxing and fun for her and you. However, you are at a loss of where to go or what to do.

Family vacations can come off as a bit overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you are at the planning stage. You have tons of things to consider, like where to stay, what are the attractions, and things to do.

Most of all, you also have to consider if the accommodation is suitable for your sweet paws. Before even booking a place to stay, you should first find out if it’s a dog-friendly haven. Don't forget about the dos and don’ts, so you'll have an easy-breezy time while enjoying your vacation with your paw.

If you and your dog are heading to Hilton Head or in the area, but doesn’t know where to go, here are a few tips that you can take along with you for your next fun adventure with your dogs.

Things to Do with your Dog While in Hilton Head

Once you find the perfect spot for you to stay while you are in Hilton Head, here are a few tips on the things that you can do and the places you can visit with your pooch.

 Parks to Play and Stroll

Hilton Head will not be famous as a dog-friendly island if it’s not. The city boasts many parks that are friendly for your fur babies. One of its dog-friendly parks is the “Chaplin Community Park.”

The place has been receiving high recommendations from the dog-loving locals and tourists because the park has its dog park called the “Best Friends Dog Park.” So, you can take your pooches here and unleash them after strolling.

And rest assured that your paws are safe and secure in the park because of the multiple solid fences.

 Sail Away

Another exciting attraction in Hilton Head is its cruises. You can take a break with your fur baby on a cruise.

Yes, you heard it right!

A handful of cruises, such as the “Outside Hilton Head” and “Captain Mark’s Dolphin Cruise,” allow you to sail away with your pooches. Other than the cruises, you can also opt for the kayak.

But please make sure to take some shed while waiting, so your dogs will not get exhausted from the heat.

Unwind on the Beach

Well, let’s not forget about the beach! Dogs love the splish and splash of the waves. You can play fetch and catch with your pup on the breathtaking beaches of Hilton Head.

Run and play with your fur babies at sunrise or before the sun sets down. You can also simply walk along with your paw along the shorelines.

 Burp and Slurp

 After a whole day of fun, take a bit in any of the Hilton Head’s restaurants. Although your dogs aren’t allowed to get inside, there are restaurants that have dog-friendly patios, like “Reilley’s Grill and Bar,” “Fishcamp on Broad Creek,” and “Aunt Chilada’s Café,” to name a few.

 There are more than 15 restaurants in Hilton Head that offer dog-friendly patios.

 Absolutely, you’ll have one of the best dog vacations ever when you visit Hilton Head.

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