Galveston, TX


Endless Fun for You and Your Dog in Galveston

Galveston in Texas is one of the most extraordinarily dog-friendly places you should visit in your next trip adventure with your fur baby.

On any given day, you’ll see tons of dog lovers with their pooches swarming throughout the island from the parks to the shorelines. That said, we came up with a list of exciting activities that you can include in your itinerary when you go out and about with your pup in Galveston.

Things to Do While Out and About with Your Dog in Galveston, Texas

There are endless fun and excitement in store for you and your pooch in Galveston, and we narrowed it down for you to help you out have a hassle-free and relaxing vacation.

  • Stroll and Shop

While you are in the heart of Galveston, don’t miss out on taking a stroll and enjoy the downtown with your dog. “The Strand” boasts with stunning historic architectural designs and decors. It also settles several pleasantly old-fashioned shops.

Moreover, the town has a few blocks for you and your fur baby to explore. So, have a blast strolling through the covered sidewalks of the town while basking in the captivating bayside views.

  • Blue Boutique

Location: 2425 Strand, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

It’s a boutique by the beach in “The Strand” area. While strolling the downtown, don’t forget to shop here. They have everything from clothes to souvenirs.

  • Collector’s Gallery II

Location: 2321 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

From its namesake, you can buy antiques or vintage things in this shop.

  • Dog-Friendly Parks
  • Menard Park

Location: 2222 28th St, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

Known as the “go-to- park” in Galveston, “Menard Park” has its own dog park.

  • Lindale Park

Location: 400 Marine Dr, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

You can unleash your pup here and let her enjoy the waterfront park. It has each designated areas for small and large pooches.

  • Kempner Park

Location: 2704 Avenue O, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

A historic “Garden Club” that has breathtaking scenery. It’s also a perfect place for bird watching.

  • Dolphin Watching and Kayaking
  • Baywatch Dolphin Tours

Location: 2100 Harborside Drive, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

The environmental and dog-friendly company, you and your fur baby can enjoy a 45-minute sail or cruise to watch dolphins.

  • Pinky’s Kayak Rentals

Location: 4106 Nasa Pkwy #1, Seabrook, TX, US, 77550

Before or after dolphin watching, you can also go kayaking with your pup.

  • Take a Pose
  • Buster’s Old Time Photos

Location: 4106 Nasa Pkwy #1, Seabrook, TX, US, 77550

Featured in the “National Geographics,” this place gives you that vintage photoshoot with your fur baby from the background to the things you can use.

  • Plunge in 
  • East Beach

Location: 1923 Boddeker Rd, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

Take your pup for a plunge in “East Beach” and let her enjoy the splish-splash of the waves.

  • Galveston Island State Park

Location: 14901 Fm 3005, Galveston, TX, US, 77550

Another place that you can let your pup enjoy the powdery sun and the cool breeze of the sea is in “Galveston Island State Park.

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