Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, FL, USA

Are you heading out for a reset?

‘Tis the season to unwind, recharge and rest with your adorable fur baby.

Is it that time of the year again? Are you planning on your next family vacation with your dog, but haven’t thought of the place yet where you’re bound to go next?

How about Clearwater, Florida?

Well, if that’s your choice for your next travel destination, don’t go anywhere and stick around because we have a list of exciting itineraries to share with you.

These are the highly recommended places to visit and things that you can do with your cute pooch while you are in the beautiful, sunny city of Clearwater.

Things to Do with your Dog in Clearwater City, Florida

Clearwater is a top travel destination when you talk about sunny and sugary sand beaches vacation getaway. The city holds the longest run of Mr. Sunshine in the country and one of the whitest and purest sugar sand beaches in the lovely and lively state of Florida.

  • Run and Roll

You can run and roll with your cute paw in Clearwater, as aside from the beautiful and sandy white beaches, the city also has many dog-friendly parks and areas to stroll, run, and jog with your four-legged baby.

  • Sand Key Park

Location: 1060 Gulf Blvd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33767

It’s a park that’s near the white sand beach. You can either choose the small or big side that is both well-secured with a fence for your pup to run and roll. You can also go to the beach, but she should be on a leash.

  • Crest Lake Dog Park

Location: 201 S Glenwood Ave, Clearwater, FL, US, 33756

You can play with your fur baby here. They’re free to jump, run, and roll without a leash in this park.

Other parks that have similar amenities include the following:

  • Paw Place at Northeast Park

Location: 4630 E Bay Drive, Clearwater, FL, US, 33764

  • Enterprise Dog Park

Location: 2671 Enterprise Rd E, Clearwater, FL, US, 33759

  • Paddle and Ride

You can paddle and ride and have a blast with your fur baby while you're on a kayak or paddleboard.

  • Gregory’s Kayaks N Paddleboard Adventure

Location: Gregory's Home, Clearwater, FL, US, 33760

  • Groom and Shop

Treat them for some pampering session and grab some stuff for them before you head home.

  • Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Clearwater

Location: 2481 McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33759

  • PetSmart Grooming

Location: 26277 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL, US, 33761

  • Coopers Hill Boutique

Location: 910 McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33759

  • Quality Pet Market

Location: 2539 Countryside Blvd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33761

  • Slurp and Burp

Enjoy some slurp and burp in these dog-friendly restaurants and food chains.

  • Cafe Ponte

Location: 13505 Icot Blvd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33760

  • Grillsmith

Location: 2539 Countryside Blvd, Ste 6, Clearwater, FL, US, 33761

  • Columbia

Location: 1241 Gulf Blvd, Clearwater, FL, US, 33767

So, hop in and get that best travel adventure with your darling fur baby in Clearwater, Florida.

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