Charleston, SC

Why South Carolina is a heaven for dog owners?

Urban life is mundane and boring for the eyes. Every one of us needs an escape to lush green fields and gardens to stroll in and plantations to explore. Similar has been the case for the pets especially dogs who always seek pleasure in having a run around in the house and outside. Charleston & Coast in South Carolina, USA, offer the lush green fields to make sure that you get the pleasure of the nature that your eyes deserve and your dog has a perfect place to run his heart out. South Carolina offers great pet friendly activities and location of the owners. If you are traveling to South Carolina but thinking of leaving your pet behind, it would be a grave mistake as you will absolutely lavish time while having a dog around.

Charleston beach and its dog friendliness

Charleston beach has dog friendly policies which allow the dog owners to travel to this area to have a lavish experience while vacationing. You can easily explore the beaches and have the experience to explore the lavish green fields, plantations and the strolls on the trails. Explore the Sullivan’s Island and the beaches in the vicinity with your dog.

Traveling with your dog will ultimately enrich the entire vacationing experience since the furry friend of yours will away cheer you up while you are getting bored on a road trip.

Dog parks to stroll

Nothing is better than a dog park in a place which is filled with the beauties of nature. South Carolina offers the lush dog parks including Hampton Dog park and Ackerman Park Dog run which you can explore with your dog on a leach. The trails are a nature heaven to explore and will put you in awe with the sceneries.

Get Gourmet treats for your dog

If you are in Charleston, South Carolina, ensure that you take your furry companion to the Sugar Bakeshop. The gourmet meals and the dog treats sold for the dogs in the place are a favorite of the residents in the area for their pets. DO give your dog a chance to try every dog’s favorite dog treats from Charleston.

Beds and breakfast

Are you not a fan of the ways hotels treat the pets especially dogs? Well, your view will be changed to a great degree in Charleston. South Carolina since the hotel owners in this area provide special breakfast and beds for the pets. You can avail the historic experience of the area while staying at Cabell House Bed and Breakfast where you dog will have the same facilities as you do. The historic bed and breakfast will be something to cherish forever.

In Coast and Charleston, the hotels and beaches are pet friendly which make the area more attractive for the tourists to drive all the way to. Make sure that this one is on your next vacation list for sure.

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