Cape Cod, MA

Why Cape Cod is a place to visit with your furry best friend?

Are you yearning to spend your summers with your best friend in a place where you can relax all day? If yes, you are in for a treat since Cape Cod has been offering the most luxurious and pet friendly vacations for you and your furry best friend. It’s the right time to pack up your bag and go on a road trip with your dog to Cape Cod. Cape Cod offers beaches to run around while balancing the sand out with the trails and parks rated best in America to have a nice jog with your dog. Take your volleyballs, Frisbees and dog toys to make sure that you can get the best out of Cape Cod.

America’s finest Parks and trails

If you have ever been to Cape Cod, you will be aware of the finest trails and tracks that the place has. The views take you with an awe. Tag your furry buddy with you to explore Cape Cod parks and trail tracks.  You can hike on the Great Marsh Hiking Trail and Cape Cod National Seashore beaches for a nice jog and running around. If you are someone who loves to explore wildlife, make sure that you and your dog go to the Morris Island Trail in Chatham which is a part of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. You can take jog on the trail with your dog. The trail will offer you mesmerizing views like sand dunes, salt marsh ecosystems, alongside the shrubs and other wildlife habitat.

Mashpee Dog Park is the best place to visit to increase your dog’s social circle while vacationing at Cape Cod. The fenced park will allow your dog to interact with many dogs from the neighboring area who visit regularly. Pilgrim Bark Park is one of the best dog park in America so make sure that you get a chance to take your dog for stunning run in that one as well.

Whale watching tours

You can take the whale watching tours with your dog on a pet friendly boat. The Dolphin Fleet in Provincetown will provide you with this opportunity. The cruises for Hyannisport Harbor and Cape Cod Canal are the best way to spend time on a boat while exploring the sea with your dog.

Enjoy the sun and surf on a beach

The beach richness of Cape Cod is not something that one is not aware of. You can always soak your feet in the heat of the white sand while looking at the amazing waters. Make sure that you take your dog to the seven beaches in the Cape Cod National Seashore loaded with the white sands. Make sure it is on a leach. Explore the Nauset Beach and Skaket Beach as well as the Harbor Beach in Provincetown as well. Avail every opportunity to spend time with your furry best friend and your family in Cape Cod.

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